The AEO certification path


Since 1 September 2007 it is possible to apply for the status of Authorised Economic Operator. To obtain it a company must submit an application to customs.

This application consists of three parts:

1. The application (with general data, the type of certification one applies for, etc.)

2. The AEO-declaration (in which one declares to be familiar with the customs code, the requirements and the consequences of the application)

3. The summary of the AEO Self-assessment

The summary of the AEO Self-assessment must (naturally) be based on the AEO Self-assessment. Herein are presented the following company parts:

  • The company (general description of the organisation and its activities)
  • The record regarding the compliance with the regulations (here must be described whether the company has complied in the past with the [customs] regulations and indicated which measures are taken to prevent irregularities)
  • Bookkeeping and logistics of the company (here must be proved that the bookkeeping is right and transparent and that the goods flows can be followed)
  • Solvability (here must be proved that the company is financially healthy)
  • Safety (here must be proved that enough safety measures are taken regarding terrorism. Here are presented the goods, information and personnel protection)

The company that applies for the certificate must first itself define the risks that its part of the supply chain may run. Then it must itself assess again whether enough measures are taken to avoid these risks. If it should become clear that the company is not (enough) armed against these risks, additional measures must be taken. Any risks that cannot be covered must be motivated.

When a company has taken enough measures to be certified is not obvious. Customs employ the "open standard" for their assessment. It means that the applications are assessed differently for each company. It is obvious, however, that a company obtains the AEO status if it has:

  • A suitable record regarding the compliance with the customs requirements;
  • A sound business and, should the case occur, transport administration;
  • A healthy financial situation;
  • Introduced appropriate safety standards.

Attention! If an application is refused a company cannot submit another application in the next three years.

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